February 2022

Today my husband and I had plans to start a little trip for our nephew’s wedding celebration. We were so excited to get on the plane and start our adventure. However, we ran into a major snag when we tried to board the plane. We had been bumped…along with 12 other people! We couldn’t believe it since we had carefully planned the trip and bought the tickets months ago. I felt stunned, frustrated, confused and angry all at once. What do we do in these situations? When we are hit with arrows that Satan throws our way do we choose to lose our composure, or do we calmly deal with the situation? I often find myself in situations at WCA where I am making decisions to show God’s loving grace in a situation that makes it very difficult in my humanness to do that.

Often when dealing with student or staff situations the feelings of being confused, frustrated and angry can shoot right to the forefront of my mind. However, if I simply take a minute to just breath and seek God’s face, the situation’s outcome seems to change right before our eyes…or my attitude toward it does. That is how it went today. In my anger I did not show the love of Christ as I should to the young attendant that delivered our bad news. I lashed out at her, more than once. I apologized because really, it was not her fault. I hate it when situations get the best of me. I know it is not in my best interest and does not help others see the love of Christ that is truly in my heart. Today I choose to do better, just as I always encourage our students to do when they have made mistakes. They have taught me so much about being humble, asking for forgiveness and giving it. The sweet students at WCA are the BEST teachers. We are waiting to board a later flight. I should excuse myself as I have a young attendant to visit so I can seek her forgiveness. Be blessed….

Mrs. Kimberly Borgeson, WCA Principal