February 7, 2023


There are many times in education where you can feel overwhelmed. Students can be rowdy or demanding and making sure everyone is taken care of and their needs met is beyond impossible at times. As a school leader it is our job to care for those on our team ensuring they are supported and cared for, building relationships with our students and families, and reaching out to our local community. These all take time and energy, yet they also bring life and joy. I personally find it a joy to serve my community both in the school building and out. It is also a joyful experience when you see the fruit of the your labor in action. Let me explain.

The other day during chapel, I had the privilege of presenting a lesson on building others up with our words and actions. To demonstrate the importance of our words I used baking soda in one glass and powdered sugar in the other. As I talked with the students about the negative or positive power of our words I poured in some apple cider vinegar into each glass. The experiment is lively and will cause the baking soda to foam up and spill over the sides of the glass (representing saying unkind things to friends). On the other hand, the apple cider vinegar’s interaction with the powdered sugar is null and void (representing soft speech and kindness). The children really seemed to enjoy the experiment and took away some great meaning to the power of their words. Yet as you can imagine I had quite a mess to clean up.

After the children were dismissed and as I was picking up the mess and placing it in the box to carry back to my office, the older class of students returned to the room for a different activity. One of our 5th grade boys saw me about to carry the box of supplies down the hallway and quickly stepped in and took the box. I assured him that I would be fine to carry the box, however he insisted that he would carry it for me. With his teacher’s permission he did just that and I felt so loved and cared for.

It is moments like this that speak to my soul. God is moving in the hearts and minds of our students. He is raising up a group of warriors and boy do we need it. Praise God.

Mrs. Kimberly Borgeson, WCA Principal